Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's finally clean!!!!!!

Well after over a week of my scrapbook room being a total wreck (see pictures of room in post below), and me slowly putting it back into place cause of bum leg and back. it is FINALLY CLEAN!!!!!  I still need to put in the finishing touches but It is clean enough to work on and I have already worked on a couple of pages.  I now can't wait to mess it up again.  Then again maybe I should try to practice putting things away when I am done with them instead of just laying them on the first open space I find. LOL

Here is the clean version of my scrap area.
The new and improved view from the office, if you notice
all 3 table tops are relatively clean
This shelving unit holds my scrapbooks, misc idea books,
Markers, Colored Pencils, chipboard letters & other misc items

This is where I store all my scrap pieces of cardstock
I have each drawer labeled with season and colors
and then in the drawers I have bags for each season or if it is a color I use alot
like chocolate or outdoor denim they have their own bag
The green tower in this picture is a stamp set holder my
husband made 4 me using an old spice rack turntable

These drawers hold my non CTMH paper (2 black towers),
my stamp sets, and my Ribbon & Embelishments

the wooden bookshelves hold my non-Ctmh 8.5x11 paper,
the white box holds my Ctmh B&T scraps

My main workspace as you can see I have already started to mess it up again
My tool caddy, I filledthe bottom with rice so every thing stands up
MyCTMH  paper and E size stamp storage

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  1. Ooooh, orderly! I was so glad to see the mess, as mine too often is like that-glad to see that I am not the only one! I hope that you will pop by my blog:
    I love seeing ppl's projects! :0)