Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lucky WOTG

I have to admit that my favorite paper pack in the Spring/Summer catalog just happens to be the Lucky paper pack.  I love it because it is very boyish, and I have all kinds of ideas of pictures I want to use with it.  Though Close To My Heart Corporate really helped me decide one layout I wanted to do.  My boys are in the pictures featured on the Lucky WOTG flyer (page 41), so of course I had to duplicate their layout.  I did the layout last night but made a couple of changes.  In the original layout it featured a 6x8 picture of all 4 of them, and then a 3x3 of them goofin off, along with individual 3x3 pictures of my oldest 2.  I wanted to add the individuals ofthe other 2 somewhere in the layout so I made some changes.

Workshops on the Go (WOTG) are kits that contain a level 2 paper pack, a Exclusive B size My Acrylix Stamp Set, plus an embellishment all for a discounted price of $29.95

Here is the original corporate layout.

No here is my version with the additional pictures.

Materials Used: Lucky WOTG, Outdoor Denim & Desert Sand Ink,
Liquid Glass to attach buttons

Left Side No Changes

Right Side changes made
Added Sunset Strip, and 2 3x3 pictures
shortened Journal box

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prom and Baby Shower

The last 2 weekends have been just a little on the busy side.  It all started Friday the 15th, Robbie and Dani went to the Tusky Valley Prom, so of course I had to go and take several pictures of them, in several outdoor locations.  Then I had to take the other 3 in to set up for the 4-H food stand and bake sale at the fairgrounds.  Then on Saturday, Dillon and I worked the foodstand from noon to 3, then I had to rush from the fairgrounds to Dani's house and take more pictures of them in their Prom attire as they were going to the Buckeye Prom Saturday night.  They wore the same attire to both Prom's which made it easy for Robbie as he only had to rent 1 tux.  I loved Dani's Camoflouged Dress she had made.  They had got enough material that the lady not only made Dani's dress but she also made Robbie a matching vest & pocket hanky, and Dani a purse and cape.

Here are the pictures of them before both Prom's.
This Robbie and Dani
Before the Tusky Valley Prom

another before the Tusky Valley Prom
This was taken at the pond behind Dani's House

This was before the Buckeye Prom
Poor Dani about froze it was cold & rainy out
the cape that was made with her dress came in handy
Robbie and Dani wearing the Aviator glasses
they won at Tusky Valley's post Prom
on Friday night.
Dani made it easy on me by wearing her hair down
to one Prom and up to the other.

Robbie and Dani at the Buckeye Prom
At the Buckeye Prom they let the public in to see the decorations, before the kids start arriving.  This years theme was Oriental Garden and they had a giant Dragon's head at the front entrance and the kids went through the dragon's mouth to enter the Prom.   Dani & Robbie got there early so I was able to get pictures of them inside with all the beautiful decorations.
Last week and weekend was just as busy, my sister, my SIL's sisters, and I planned a baby shower for our new nephew Croft Dean Brown.  We had the shower on Saturday before Easter, and I of course was making all the favors.  I had planned on working on the favors a little each night, and having 30 of them done by Saturday afternoon.  Well as usual my good intentions went haywire.  I had been being dive bombed by bugs while sitting at my table and upon further examination I determined they were termites (Ugh!!!).  So I ended up having to tear my scraproom totally apart on Tuesday night so the exterminator could come and look at where we suspected the colony was.  Wednesday night was spent totally putting the scraproom back together, I was up till 3 am trying to get everything put back in the right place.  then Thursday night I was finally able to play, I managed to get my prototype favor done, and work out all the measurements.  I also got all of the needed pictures printed, and ready to put on the favors.  Friday came and I had plans to start working on them immediately after work, of course the boys had other plans and I ended up staying up till 4am on Friday night finishing the favors.  Other than that we had a wonderful shower for Croft and he got to
 be spoiled by his 4 favorite aunts.

This is all 30 favors lined up, the picture is of Baby Croft and his older sister Sunny

The back side of the favor.
These were very simple to make.  I used the cricut to cut out the tags, then created a box for the bottom.  the box is as wide as the tag, and 2" wide on the side.  I will have to post a tutorial here as soon as I can get the pictures taken to help with the descriptions.  Materials used - Dutch Blue and White Daisy Cardstock, "it's a boy" ribbon from JoAnn's, Doodletype Cricut cartridge, Vellum, and computer for Printing.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Cards I have been working on plus one pictureless layout.

I have taken a break from my frantic scrapbooking to create a couple of cards, namely because my card basket was getting empty.  Also we are hosting a baby shower for my new nephew Croft Dean Brown here in a couple of weeks so I have made 35 bib overall cards for the invitations, next I have to make the favors,

Here are all the invitations lined up. Yes I did place the patch on opposite knees I would place one on the right knee then the nxt one on the left until they were al done.
I made these usiing a template based on Deneen Treble's Overall Template
I altered mine alittle, instead of making front just th overalls I made it the same
as the back of the card & i then added my paper to the front and placed the overalls on top.
Materials used were all pre-CTMH cardstock and papers
Blck ink and simple stitches stamp set.

Now for the rest of the cards I have made lately.

This is a variation of the boys overall Card.
I got this from another consultant's customer's work that the consultant had put on her blog.
Materials UsedL  Sweetheart papers, crochet flower from white daisy Mini Medley
Brads from JoAnn's, Simple Stitches stamp set, Black ink

Money Cards using Sweetheart
Blush Ricrac, White Daisy, Tulip Cardstock
Black and Tulip ink
For Every Occassion and I little Everything

Another money card using Sweetheart back of polka dot paper
Black, sky, Pear and Sunny Yellow inks 

Inside of A little Something card

One of my favorite cards
Uses Sweetheart paper
Tulip, black and Baby pink cardstock
childhood portrait & lovely buckles stampsets

Gift Card Holders

inside of the gift card holder

This is the pictureless Layout, but I am hoping that my son gets some
pictures of him & Dani from the after Prom party this weekend that i can use on this.
Materials Used: Lucky Paper Pack, Sunset, Colonial White, Outdoor Denim Cardstock
Bingo Alphabet

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layouts, Cards and more.

Things have been extremely busy around here.  4-H has started, Dillon has started Baseball Practice, the older two are job hunting, and Tony just had his birthday and is making sure I know he can get his permit in 6 very short months.  Not to mention that I still need to get Robbie album done.  I also vendored a crop all day Saturday, and had a scrapbooking and cardmaking class at Warren Township.  Tonight was an experiment.  I had both the scrapbookers and the cardmakers there tonight, and they each got to chose what project they did.  They got either a 2 page layout or 4 cards for $5.00.  I had 2 scrapbookers and 4 cardmakers, Other than the fact I was still cutting paper at 5:50 pm and the class started at 6pm, things went smoothly, and I think we might do it again.  This is good cause then I can satisfy both the scrapbookers and cardmakers especially since they both want to do it every month and I don't have enough hours in my schedule to fit in 2 classes a month, so we might just try it again next month.

Here are the projects they had to chose from tonight.

First is the layout.  I used the Miracle Bulk, Bamboo, Garden Green and Colonial White Cardstock, Bingo Alphabet, Rustic Alphabet, Yeehaw (retired) stamp set. I sueded the Bamboo cardstock by gently rubbing the Bamboo ink all over the cardstock.  In case you didn't notice I am using the monthly classes to work on Robbie's scrapbook, so I have a few pages down by his graduation.

Left side

Right side.  the picture of  Robbie leaning against the fence is one of my favorite ones of him.
Jimmy took the picture, "by accident" not realizing how good it was.
 These are the cards we did tonight.  I try to have at least 1 new technique with every class, for the layout it was sueding your paper.  For the Cards I showed them how to make a new flower, plye we made both an easel card and a criss cross card.  Sine those two are a little more complicated I used something simple for the other two cards as they get to make 4 cards, and also have the option of buying more kits.

The for card they made tonight.  the 2 on the ends are the Criss cross card
and the Easel Card.  The middle two are the simple cards.
They are based on the "Delightful Dots' Card in the Wishes book.

These are the girly cards we made.
The Blues ones use Magnifique, and the other is Sophia with a little Sweetheart.
If you notice above I am actually showing 5 cards instead of 4, it is because I wasn't quite satisfied with the first blue one I did so 15 mintues before class started I was frantically trying to get a card done that I liked. I actually finished this one at the class while they worked on their first card.  I still don't quite like the outcome, the flowers need leaves but I left my circle punch at home and wasn't hand cutting the leaves, I did cut leaves for the Sophia card as the Pear leaves were needed for a complete look.
This was my first attempt, I loved most of it, with the exception of the white
space around the sentiment.  I loved the Prisma Glitter, but thought it would be too messy.
I didn't have any Pear cardstock so I took a piece of Kiwi and inked over it with Pear to
get the Pear colored leaves.
Materials Used;
Magnifique Paper, White Daisy, Pacifica Cardstock
George and basic shapes cricut cartridge
Blue Buttons from JoAnn's,
True Friends Stamp Sets
Prisma Glitter

This is the card they made.
I really wanted leaves for it, but since I forgot my punch we left them out.
Materials Used;
Magnifique Paper, White Daisy, Pacifica Cardstock
George and basic shapes cricut cartridge
Blue Buttons from JoAnn's,
True Friends, Playful Flourishes Stamp Sets

My favorite card of the evening.  It is a Criss Cross Card using Sophia paper
with a touch of Sweetheart. 
Materials Used:
Hollyhock, White Daisy and Cotton Candy, Kiwi Cardstock
Hope, Card Chatter - Birthday Stamp Sets
Ribbon from stash
Black Button Brad
Black, Hollyhock, Baby Pink and Pear ink.

Here is a close up of the flower.  I got this idea, from Rebecca Ludens
Scrapbooking Guide It was featured in their latest e-mail.

Guy Birthday Cards using Fan Fare, Enjoy Life, and Card Chatter - Bithday

The simple guy birthday card,.  It is based on the Delightful Dots
Wishes card template.
Other materials used:
White Daisy, Cranberry, Sunny Yellow, Sky and Pacifica Cardstock
Pacifica ink

Easel Card - Closed. 

The inside of the Easel card with the Easel propped up.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Tony!!!!

Fifteen years ago today, our little Tony Baloney came into this world and won us over with his smile and loving personality.  When he was little he was the one everyone wanted to take home with them, he was the sweetest little boy.  He always had an ornery smile on his face, and was constantly charming his way into peoples hearts.
Now fifteen years later he is still the charmer, who was voted the Friendliest boy in his class.  He still has that ornery smile on his face, and he is impatiently waiting till he can get his driving permit here in 6 short months.

Happy 15th Birthday