Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Didn't sell at the Fair

In the rush to get lots of cards done to sell at the fair I didn't manage to get many pictures of my wonderful creations.  I had several that I had a hard time parting with.  Luckily I wasn't working the booth when they sold. LOL

In making these cards I had a hard time, keeping the embellishments and fine detail to a minimum, other wise I would have been selling cards that took me 3 hours to make for $1.50 (ouch).  In the end I decided to pick a couple of different designs and see how many different looks I could get using different stamps, and  papers.

This is the first 3 I did.  The paper used was Blue Ribbon, Outdoor Denim, Cranberry and White Daisy Cardstock, Stamp Sets: For Every Occassion, Playful Flourishes, A Love, Just Be You, Dainty thoughts, True Friends, Outdoor Denim & Cranberry Grosgrain Ribbon, foundry plate from Outdoor denim Mini Medley.  These are all based on the Upper Level Focus card from the Originals Book.

The next group was based on a card I made when I first started up, I think I cased it from the CTMH consultant BB's but it has been 2 years since so I can't credit the original inspiration. On this on I just kept recreating it with different paper packs to get the desired looks.

Paper Used Twitterpatted, Sorbet Chocolate, and Colonial White Cardstock
Say It In Style, and Treasure Life Stamp Sets
Chocolate, Desert Sand  and Sweet Leaf Inks

Paper Used: You Rock, Smokey Plum Card & White Daisy Stock
Danity Thoughts and Just Be You Stamp Sets
Outdoor Denim, Smokey Plum and Goldrush inks
Navy Ribbon from Pat Catans

Topstitch paper, Heavenly Blue and Colonial White Cardstock
Danity thoughts and Simple Stitches Stamp Sets
White daisy Paper Flowers,
Colonial White Brads colored with Brown Staz On and sprinkled with Prisma Glitter
Colonial White Slide from Shades of Chocolate Collection
Chocolate Ink

The next design is based loosely on the Pretty Simple pattern from the Originals Book.  This was my favorite pattern to use as it was quick and easy to put together and still get great looking results.

Papers Used:  Bella, Sweet Home, Emporium
Carstock, Chocolate, Pansy Purple, Outdoor Denim, Buttercup
Inks: Chocolate, Pansy Purple, Outdoor Denim, Creme' Brulee, Sorbet, Crystal Blue
Clear Detail embossing Powder, Just Blooms Paper Flowers, Filigree Charms, Cordoroy Brad from Autumn Garden Collection
Stamps Sets: Joy Forever, Treasures, Say It In Style!

Paper: That's Amore
Blush, Chocolate, Colonial White Cardstock
Spring Blossom Just Blooms
Filigree Charms
Stamp Sets:  Treasures, Say It In Style

Papers Used: Grace  Carstock, Cocoa, Sunflower, Colonial White Inks: Cocoa, Barn Red, Bamboo
Stamps Sets: Treasures, Say It In Style!
Clear Irredescent Embossing Powder by Ranger

The Next Card was one of those fun to embellishbut took forever to create cards.  If you know me you know I love creating fine detail and 3-D objects like these butterflies.  I stamp the butterfly from the Dreams Petite Perks Stamp Set in Black & Versa Mark on Vellum, I them Heat embossed them using a Hallographic Embossing Powder.   Once they were Embossed I sponged Orange ink over them to give them color. I then cut out the butterflies including their antenea.  Once my background was finished I stamped 3 butterflies in chocolate on my background and then using liquid glass applied only to the bodies and the antenea I glued the butterflies ove the stamped butterflies.  Once the liquid glas was dry I gently folded the wings up giving the illusion that the butterflies were flying off the page.  For the background of the page i spnged Creme' Brulee all over a piece of Colonial White Cardstock, then I Stamped the flowers from Treasure Life in Sorbet and Creme Brulee.

Paper Used:  Twitterpatted, Chcolate, and Colonial White Cardstock, Vellum
Stamp Sets: Treasure Life, & Dreams Petite Perks
Inks:  Creme Brulee, Chcolate, Sorbet, Black, Versa Mark
Hallographic Embossing Prowder from Ranger

Close up of the butterflies

Another Close up of the butterflies
  I have more pictures to come, but since the boys just walked in and need the computer for their homework (aka Facebook) I will save the others for later.

Recent Layouts (Ok so they are not so recent LOL)

As you all know, for the last month I have been busy getting things ready for the Tuscarawas County Fair.  So this has left me with little time to play or post, well now that it is finally over i figured I would show you some of my recent creations. 

These layouts were done at our August crop, they are more of Robbie.  I am slowly getting his album up to date, as I only have 7 more months to go before he graduates.  Time to start hitting the layouts hard before Wrestling season sneaks up on me.

Products used:
Sarsaparilla Paper Pack
Desert Sand, Colonial White and Black Cardstock
Yeehaw Stamp Set, Lovely Buckles Stamp Set, Homestead Alpha
Hemp & Liquid Glass
Barn Red Ink and Marker
Layout used: Reflections "Front & Center - Split Focus"

White Daisy, Sweet Leaf, Buttercup, & Crystal Blue Cardstock
Emporium Paper Pack (Photo Mats)
Playin Hard Stamp Set, Giggle Caps & Lowercase Alphas
Twilight Ink

Products Used:
Outdoor Denim, White Daisy, Holiday Red, Sunny Yellow, Star Spangled Blue Cardstock
DCWV B&T, White Ribbon JoAnn's, Chipboard Alpha from JoAnn's
Summer Craft Buttons
Baby Steps Stamp Set, The Works Alpha Stamp Set, Atomic Upper & Lower Case, and numbers Stamp Sets
Outdoor Denim, Star Spangled Blue, Holiday Red & Sunny Yellow Inks
Now that fair is over I hope to start getting atleast 4 layouts done a week.  We will see if that actually happens.

PS- Sorry the pictures are so bad I had a hard time getting the picture without a glare from the lights.

It's over, and we are all still kickin'

Well Fair week is finally over!!!  I love the fair and am always ready for it to arrive and ready for it to be over.  It is a great time, and a fun filled, action packed week.  But after about 3 days of little sleep and lots of action, I start wishing it would end.  The 2010 fair was another good year for our household.  Here is a run down of the week in review.

Monday was the official opening of the fair.  Robbie and Jimmy were very busy with working on the Jr. Fairboard.  Tony, Dillon and I worked in the Clover Cafe' with the rest of the 4-H club.  Then we washed all 4 pigs in preparation for the show the next morning.  Our 4-H booth once again got an "Outstanding Booth" award, Our theme was "Built 4-H Tough", I reviewed the score sheet and I think we got the best score we have ever had 99 out of 100 possible points, we got perfect scores on everything but creativity.  Not Bad.  I have to check but I do believe this is like the 12th year in a row that we have had an Outstanding booth.

Tuesday was the hog show the boys hogs were all lite weights so they were in the first 5 weight classes.  Tony's pig Star weighed 220lbs and was in the first weight class, she made it into the holding pen and got 5th place in her class.   Robbie's pig Layla weighed 229 and was in Weight Class 2, Layla also made it into the holding pen and we were all excited when she got first place.  Jimmy's pig Double Stuff weighed 230 and was in Weight class 3, Double Stuff got an honorable mention as the Judge sent the pigs back to the barn, she ended up with 8th place.  Dillon's pig Frappe' was the heaviest pig weighing in at 241lbs and she was in weight class 5, she too got an honorable mention on her long lean body before she was sent back to the barn with 9th place.  Robbie placing first made our day exceptionally long as we had to sit around and wait for the Grand Champion round even though we knew Layla had only a slight chance of making it.  Tuesday evening then I worked the Close To My HEart Booth, and had a good finish to a great day.

Tony showing Star

Robbie showing Layla

Jimmy getting ready to show Double Stuff

Dillon & Frappe'

Robbie and Layla in the Championship run

 Wednesday was showmanship.  The boys didn't do that great this year.  The judge wasn't looking for what we had been taught so the boys didn't make it into the holding pens, even though they did a great job showing their pigs. Only Robbie placed in his class he got 4th out of 5 participants.  Tony was majorly disappointed cause he had worked hard with his pig and this was the first time since he began showing that he hadn't placed in the top five of his age group, and he had missed his football game to show.

Dillon in Showmanship

Tony in Showmanship

Thursday night was the Livestock Auction.  After Robbie's hog sold we were beginning to think that it was going to be a bad year for us, as Robbie only got $1.75/lb for his hog with only 1 person bidding on his hog.  Korn's Electric bought it. Then Tony's hog sold for only $2.00/lb better than Robbie's but still not good enough to payoff the loans and still have some extra to save, again only 1 person bid on his hog and we were beginning to think our buyers had forgotten us.  We did have a new buyer purchase Tony's hog, Bolivar Pizza.  There were about 80 hogs between Tony and Jimmy with most of them going for arouond $2.50-2.75/lb.  When Jimmy's hog came up I was so preoccupied in praying that his sold well that I totaly missed getting a picture of Jimmy in the sale ring, and failed to realize that his hog had gone for $3.25,  I was thrilled, it was the most we have ever gotten for a hog and the buyer was Evan's Family Farms, the farm we had gotten our hogs from to begin with.  THANKS JEREMY & MICHELE.  Well this was good news as we take all the proceeds from the sale of the 4 hogs and add them all together and divide by 4 so each boy makes the same amount, this made Tony & Robbie feel a little better knowing that they would be coming out ahead.  Dillon's Hog was the last to sell, he also got $3.25/lb from Steve & Becky Mastin, Dover-New Phila Wendy's.  THANKS STEVE & BECKY. Of course this year I had once again completely forgot about getting the boys some sort of Thank You gift to give their buyers on Thursday night so when Michelle Evans bought Jimmy's Hog I gave her the washer necklace I had been wearing that day as a Thank You Gift, then once Wendy's bought Dillon's Hog I quickly ran down to my Close To My Heart booth and got 3 more necklaces for the other boys buyers.  I gave Becky her choice of necklaces.  We could not find the other 2 boys buyers so I guess we will have to send then their gifts later.   

Once we got done with Thursday, the boys were done showing and we were on the down hill side of the fair.  My neices and nephew showed their animals on Wednesday and Friday.  Sunny showed her rabbit on Wednesday and got first place in her class and 5th place in showmanship,  Congratulations Sunny.  The Stewarts showed their calves on both Wednesday in Open Class and Friday in the Jr. Fair Show.  Nadine got 3rd place on both days, Daniel got 5th place on Wednesday and 4th on Friday, Arizona got first place on Wednesday and second place on Friday.

Sunny & her rabbit Sugar

Arizona & Jasmine

Daniel & Farrah

Nadine & Penny

Friday afternoon after the Dairy sale I got sick from the heat and spent the rest of the night in the camper. Then Saturday Ken, Dillon, and I didn't get into the fairgrounds till after 3 pm because Dillon had a football game, I once again spent the night in the camper cause I was feelin rough.  Though on SAturday I had company cause Robbie, and Jimmy were startin to get sick.  By the time Sunday rolled around I was starting to feel better and was more than ready to close up another year.  Overall it was a good week, my goal of comin out of the fair with more money than we came in with wasn't quite reached but I did make almost $90 in the Close To My Heart booth, plus I had made several contacts.

Today Robbie and Jimmy both stayed home with severe head cold, yeah we survived the fair but we did come out a little on the rough side.  Now it is time for me to get back to scrappin, cause even though I was on vacation for the last week, Robbie's graduation is creeping closer and closer, so now i have less than 7 months to get 17 years of Robbie's life scrapped and put into an album.  Time to get movin.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Let The Chaos Begin

Well after weeks of preparation the Fair is finally here!!!

It's only Monday and I already am in desparate need of a nap.  The pigs all made weight, Dillon decided to take his back-up Frappe and she ended up being the heaviest of our pigs weighing in at 241, Tony's is the lightest being 220, Robbie's is 229, and Jimmy's weighed 230. 

The 4-H Booth was completely set up by 5:00 pm on Sunday, A NEW RECORD for me. LOL  The Close to My Heart booth is up and running, I only managed to get about 75 cards done, but I also have flowers, washer necklaces, and my Snow /Fall decor. 

Now to settle in for the Chaos of the week.  The boys all stayed at the camper last night, while I slept in my own bed here at home.  It seemed to have worked out great, the camper was still in one peice when I arrived this mornin and the boys were all alive.  I will be posting pictures of the week as I get a chance, here are a few so far.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Final Count Down till Fair

We are on the final 7 days until Fair.  We need to get the 4-H booth decorations ready, sometime I have to go to Canton to pick up the rest of the plastic for the background of the booth.  Tuesday night I need to have everything ready for the club to work on cutting, and putting the stuff together.  Wednesday night Dillon has football practice and Robbie and Jimmy have a Jr. Fairboard meeting.  Thursday night Tony has a game and Dillon has Practice.  The pigs have to be hauled into the fairgrounds at 8 am Saturday mornin, so far only Dillon's still has to make weight.  Saturday is also when we start setting up the 4-H booth plus Dillon has a game at 1, then on Sunday we will finish setting up the 4-H booth and I will then help set up the Close To My Heart Booth. So far I don't have much ready to sell, so during my free time this week I will be working on cards like crazy. I have approxiamately 65 cards made to sell and I want to have atleast 300 ready to go, so I will be hitting the cards hard the next couple of days.

Here is a quick view of this week in pictures along with 2 cards I have made.

Robbie & his pig Layla

Jimmy & his hog Double Stuff

Tony & his pig Star

Dillon & his pig Onyx. 
She still needs to gain about 10lbs in the next week to make the minimum fair weight on 210.

Dillon #70 in action during this weeks 6-0 win over the Steelers

Tony #84 out for a pass during this weeks 18-14 loss to Indian Valley.
Both boys football teams are now 1-1.

This is a card I made for Tyler one of our 4-H members who was unable to complete his project this year due to being called to Marine Boot Camp before he could complete it.  He is truely our hero.
I used Blue Ribbon Paper Pack, Hero's Pride, Home of the Free and Tiny Typewriter Stamp Sets, Outdoor Denim, Cranberry and White Daisy cardstock, and Outdoor Denim ink. 

This is one of the many cards i have made to sell.  I used the You Rock Paper Pack, with Just Be You Stamp Set, and Dainty Thoughts Stamp Set, Indian Corn Blue and White Daisy Cardstock, Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue and Goldrush ink, Navy Ribbon from Pat Catan's, and Stickles  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Missing In Action

Boy does time fly when you are in the middle of Chaos.  Since our last post lots has happened. The youngest 2 started football, Tony is playing for the TV Middle School 1-0 :-), and Dillon for the New Philly Chiefs 0-1 :-( , both boys are loving it.  We have repainted, and moved around bedrooms.  Tony and Dillon are now moved into the big bedroom in what used to be my brother's apartment, and Robbie and Jimmy now have their own rooms, since Jimmy moved into Tony & Dillon's old room (Cleaned and with a new paint job).  The boys have started school of course with Robbie and Jimmy both at Buckeye, school was spread out over 3 days.  Jimmy started first, then Robbie and Finally Tony & Dillon.  Now that September is here we are concentrating on getting ready for the county fair. 4 of the hogs have either made weight or are really close,  2 of them are iffy, of course those two just happen to be Dillon and Tony's main hogs that they really want to take (so we will see).  Now all we need to do is to get our buyer letters typed and mailed out.  I am working on getting the 4-H booth decorations ready for the club to work on, in between work and running kids to practices and games.  On top of all this me and 4 other Close to My Heart Consultants have decided to set up a booth at the fair, so in my free time I am working on getting cards and other paper items ready to sell in our booth.  What was I thinking!!!  Needless to say the house is a wreck, laundry is piled ceiling high and I don't see it getting better until after the fair is over. Until then I will slowly limp along doing a little crisis cleaning here and there.  So now that I have caught you up on our exhausting chaotic life here are some pictures of the projects we have been doing.

Tony & Dillons Room before furniture ( their school colors are red & black)

After Furniture and 2 weeks of living in it

That is Dillon being a lazy bum, and still in bed at 11:00 am  (I think he stayed up till 2 or 3 last night)

Jimmy's room ( I can't believe it is still clean)

Jimmy in his bed. I woke him up with the flash for the last picture.  He wasn't too happy with me.

Tony playing Football  ( he starts as a receiver on offense and a cornerback on defense)

Dillon's Football Pict, he is a starting guard and a tackle, though for his first game he was the center on offense cause our center didn't show up.

Now for what i have been doing in my free time

Washer pennants ( I have only made 17 so far)

Corner bookmarks

2 sided snow/fall coaster decoration

Just a few of the cards I have made to sell

Close up of the vellum butterfly

All Products used are CTMH with the following exceptions
Washers - Tractor Supply
Satin Cord - Pat Catan's
Coasters - Something I had laying around to use I can't remember where I got them

I am have used various paper packs cause I have challenges my self to use up the large pile of scraps I have laying around.