Monday, September 20, 2010

Let The Chaos Begin

Well after weeks of preparation the Fair is finally here!!!

It's only Monday and I already am in desparate need of a nap.  The pigs all made weight, Dillon decided to take his back-up Frappe and she ended up being the heaviest of our pigs weighing in at 241, Tony's is the lightest being 220, Robbie's is 229, and Jimmy's weighed 230. 

The 4-H Booth was completely set up by 5:00 pm on Sunday, A NEW RECORD for me. LOL  The Close to My Heart booth is up and running, I only managed to get about 75 cards done, but I also have flowers, washer necklaces, and my Snow /Fall decor. 

Now to settle in for the Chaos of the week.  The boys all stayed at the camper last night, while I slept in my own bed here at home.  It seemed to have worked out great, the camper was still in one peice when I arrived this mornin and the boys were all alive.  I will be posting pictures of the week as I get a chance, here are a few so far.

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