Monday, September 6, 2010

Missing In Action

Boy does time fly when you are in the middle of Chaos.  Since our last post lots has happened. The youngest 2 started football, Tony is playing for the TV Middle School 1-0 :-), and Dillon for the New Philly Chiefs 0-1 :-( , both boys are loving it.  We have repainted, and moved around bedrooms.  Tony and Dillon are now moved into the big bedroom in what used to be my brother's apartment, and Robbie and Jimmy now have their own rooms, since Jimmy moved into Tony & Dillon's old room (Cleaned and with a new paint job).  The boys have started school of course with Robbie and Jimmy both at Buckeye, school was spread out over 3 days.  Jimmy started first, then Robbie and Finally Tony & Dillon.  Now that September is here we are concentrating on getting ready for the county fair. 4 of the hogs have either made weight or are really close,  2 of them are iffy, of course those two just happen to be Dillon and Tony's main hogs that they really want to take (so we will see).  Now all we need to do is to get our buyer letters typed and mailed out.  I am working on getting the 4-H booth decorations ready for the club to work on, in between work and running kids to practices and games.  On top of all this me and 4 other Close to My Heart Consultants have decided to set up a booth at the fair, so in my free time I am working on getting cards and other paper items ready to sell in our booth.  What was I thinking!!!  Needless to say the house is a wreck, laundry is piled ceiling high and I don't see it getting better until after the fair is over. Until then I will slowly limp along doing a little crisis cleaning here and there.  So now that I have caught you up on our exhausting chaotic life here are some pictures of the projects we have been doing.

Tony & Dillons Room before furniture ( their school colors are red & black)

After Furniture and 2 weeks of living in it

That is Dillon being a lazy bum, and still in bed at 11:00 am  (I think he stayed up till 2 or 3 last night)

Jimmy's room ( I can't believe it is still clean)

Jimmy in his bed. I woke him up with the flash for the last picture.  He wasn't too happy with me.

Tony playing Football  ( he starts as a receiver on offense and a cornerback on defense)

Dillon's Football Pict, he is a starting guard and a tackle, though for his first game he was the center on offense cause our center didn't show up.

Now for what i have been doing in my free time

Washer pennants ( I have only made 17 so far)

Corner bookmarks

2 sided snow/fall coaster decoration

Just a few of the cards I have made to sell

Close up of the vellum butterfly

All Products used are CTMH with the following exceptions
Washers - Tractor Supply
Satin Cord - Pat Catan's
Coasters - Something I had laying around to use I can't remember where I got them

I am have used various paper packs cause I have challenges my self to use up the large pile of scraps I have laying around.


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