Monday, April 25, 2011

Prom and Baby Shower

The last 2 weekends have been just a little on the busy side.  It all started Friday the 15th, Robbie and Dani went to the Tusky Valley Prom, so of course I had to go and take several pictures of them, in several outdoor locations.  Then I had to take the other 3 in to set up for the 4-H food stand and bake sale at the fairgrounds.  Then on Saturday, Dillon and I worked the foodstand from noon to 3, then I had to rush from the fairgrounds to Dani's house and take more pictures of them in their Prom attire as they were going to the Buckeye Prom Saturday night.  They wore the same attire to both Prom's which made it easy for Robbie as he only had to rent 1 tux.  I loved Dani's Camoflouged Dress she had made.  They had got enough material that the lady not only made Dani's dress but she also made Robbie a matching vest & pocket hanky, and Dani a purse and cape.

Here are the pictures of them before both Prom's.
This Robbie and Dani
Before the Tusky Valley Prom

another before the Tusky Valley Prom
This was taken at the pond behind Dani's House

This was before the Buckeye Prom
Poor Dani about froze it was cold & rainy out
the cape that was made with her dress came in handy
Robbie and Dani wearing the Aviator glasses
they won at Tusky Valley's post Prom
on Friday night.
Dani made it easy on me by wearing her hair down
to one Prom and up to the other.

Robbie and Dani at the Buckeye Prom
At the Buckeye Prom they let the public in to see the decorations, before the kids start arriving.  This years theme was Oriental Garden and they had a giant Dragon's head at the front entrance and the kids went through the dragon's mouth to enter the Prom.   Dani & Robbie got there early so I was able to get pictures of them inside with all the beautiful decorations.
Last week and weekend was just as busy, my sister, my SIL's sisters, and I planned a baby shower for our new nephew Croft Dean Brown.  We had the shower on Saturday before Easter, and I of course was making all the favors.  I had planned on working on the favors a little each night, and having 30 of them done by Saturday afternoon.  Well as usual my good intentions went haywire.  I had been being dive bombed by bugs while sitting at my table and upon further examination I determined they were termites (Ugh!!!).  So I ended up having to tear my scraproom totally apart on Tuesday night so the exterminator could come and look at where we suspected the colony was.  Wednesday night was spent totally putting the scraproom back together, I was up till 3 am trying to get everything put back in the right place.  then Thursday night I was finally able to play, I managed to get my prototype favor done, and work out all the measurements.  I also got all of the needed pictures printed, and ready to put on the favors.  Friday came and I had plans to start working on them immediately after work, of course the boys had other plans and I ended up staying up till 4am on Friday night finishing the favors.  Other than that we had a wonderful shower for Croft and he got to
 be spoiled by his 4 favorite aunts.

This is all 30 favors lined up, the picture is of Baby Croft and his older sister Sunny

The back side of the favor.
These were very simple to make.  I used the cricut to cut out the tags, then created a box for the bottom.  the box is as wide as the tag, and 2" wide on the side.  I will have to post a tutorial here as soon as I can get the pictures taken to help with the descriptions.  Materials used - Dutch Blue and White Daisy Cardstock, "it's a boy" ribbon from JoAnn's, Doodletype Cricut cartridge, Vellum, and computer for Printing.


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