Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catching Up

Wow It has been almost 3 weeks since my last post.   I had promised myself that when I finally started a blog I would try to post regularly.  Well despite well laid intentions things haven't gone as planned. 

Things have been crazy around here.  The boys (Robbie, Jimmy, and Tony) have started wrestling.  Matches Started on the 4th of December, so that is taking up alot of my time.   Plus I have been trying to increase my hours at work to try to help get some bills paid and have something extra for Christmas.  Throw in a Quick Trip to our cabin in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, and everyone in the house developing colds and bronchitis and you have our normal everyday chaos.  On top of all this I have been working on some Christmas gifts for family which I will be posting on here as they get done.  (Mom  you might not want to read any more posts this month until after Christmas or it will ruin your surprise)

To start you off I am going to show you the two gifts Tony & I threw together in an hour one night before Thanksgiving.  I had walked into my craft room to find Tony stringing thin paper letters on a string to give to a classmate for a class project.  The project was you had to make 2 different handmade gifts for 2 of your fellow students.  Tony had of course put off the project to the last minute and didn't want to bother me, so he was going to create something by himself.  His idea was a string with the students name on it.  Ok I will give him an 8 in the creative department, but when you are sitting in the middle of a craft room with your Dad's handmade leather keyrings hanging on one wall and your mother's papercrafts taking up the rest of the room, you definately can do better.  So with me helping this is what we came up with in less than an hour.  Did I mention that the project was started after 9pm the night before it was due:-) 

First Project:

I found a piece of cork I had laying around from a previous project, We stamped the kids name on it in Holiday Red Ink and a Wrestling shoe and a Football in Black Ink These are the sports he participates in at school. Used Liquid Glass to glue the cork into an old frame that the glass had broken out of I had laying around, and Poof!! Project one is done.

Project Two

Ok so for Project 2 we cheated a little bit.  I had whipped this dry-erase board up in the spring for a Missions Trip fund raiser and it didn't sell.  So  we pulled it out, and took a piece of velcro and used it to attach a dry-erase pen to the board and Wow we got both projects done and Tony was in bed before 10pm.   Guess Tony can't make fun of my hobbies anymore for a long time as they got him an A+ on his project.

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