Sunday, March 13, 2011

MIA - wow can't believe I have not posted in over a month

Boy did February fly by.  Wrestling season has ended, Robbie has wrestled his last match ever, I am really going to miss watching him and the rest of the Seniors wrestle.

The Sr's Final Rolling up  of the mats.
After every home meet the wrestlers have to help
roll up the mats and take them back to the wrestling room.
this was these boys last time ever and yes there were
plenty of tears that night.  including the big bad wrestlers.:-)

Robbie Didn't make it to districts as he lost his final match in 4 overtimes.  I was really disappointed that he didn't make it, especially since he had soundly beat the 4th place kid before.  His last match was the match of a lifetime against his least favorite opponent from Sandy Valley, they wrestled an awesome match and it really should have been the 3rd and 4th place match, but unfortunately due to the way the bracket was set up it was the semi-final round in consulation, so the winner moved on to wrestle for 3rd and 4th and loser got 5th as the 6th place wrestler was disqualified for unsportsman like conduct.

Robbie on the podium in 5th place at sectionals.

 Tony Wrestled in the Jr. High Districts on February 20 and managed to get hurt in his second match.  Though he did wrestle and lose a close match after he got injured.  He told me and his coach that his shoulder didn't hurt that bad before the third match.  I really wonder how much he wasn't telling us about the shoulder cause I had him at the ER the following Tuesday with shoulder pain.

Tony in his last match of the season. 
He is already looking forward to next season.

During the month of February I got to know our local ER staff quite well as I made 3 trips, in 3 weeks, with 3 different kids.  Jimmy started it all by falling while playing basketball at a friend's house on February 13, he ended up separating his right shoulder, thus putting an end to his high school baseball career as he missed all of tryouts.  Then on February 22, I had Tony in the ER for a strained left shoulder that he had injured wrestling on the Sunday before. Finally on February 28, I had Dillon at the ER cause he injured his thumb playing basketball with the neighbors.  Dillon's thumb is fractured and he is in a cast.  All 3 are going to the same Orthopedic Dr.  so I have been able to combined appointments. 2 injuries from playing basketball in one month, guess that is what happens when you let wrestlers play with balls. LOL

Dillon Sporting his blue cast.
 We have had lots of snowy and rainy  weather during the last 6 weeks, starting with a ice storm the first of February, and hopefully ending with the heavy wet snow we had last Friday.  The snow on Friday laid heavy in the trees creating a beautiful winter wonderland outside. 

My view from my front door

My view out my backdoor

Of course all this snow and rain has to go somewhere and it looks like the boys are going to be out of school for a couple more days as the roads between us and the school are all flooded and the water is still rising.  This marks the 3rd flood in that last 6 years that has closed down the school.  I went to the same school the boys are going to for 13 years and we never had floods so bad that the roads were covered, wonder what has changed since I was in school.

Well that is pretty much the recap of what I have been upto for the last 6 weeks.  During the little free time during the last couple of weeks I have been able to get some more layouts done for Robbie's scrapbook.  I will be posting those on here in the next couple of days.

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