Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paper Flowers

You might have noticed that my artwork has been focusing on handmade flowers here lately.  A Fellow Consultant Connie MacFarlane, from Close To My Heart has been posting lots of paper and ribbon flower tutorials on her blog Paper Pleats and Ribbon Roses, lately and I of course have been watching them and doing my best to recreate her artwork.  In the process I have become addicted to making my own flowers, and of course have been having to focus my projects on using up all my floral creations.   Here are a couple of my recent flower creations, with links to Connie's tutorials I used to create them.

This is based on Connie's 8 petal flower/

These Daffodils are based on Connie's Florida Clematis,
I just played with them and layered them until I came up with my own version.

The Tutorials for these flowers can be found here .  After you are done watching Connie's video's you might want to browse around her blog as she has several other tutorials on how to make Ribbon Roses and other fun items on her blog.