Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Graduation down, 3 to go

It has been a few days since I last posted. Durng the 2 weeks I have been MIA lots have things have been going on. I will post just a few pictures of our activities, and give you a brief run down of the last to weeks.

On Memorial day Dillon and his baseball team were in the Tusky parade, then they played a baseball game against the other Tusky Little League team immediately after the Memorial day services.  He has had a total of 4 games since Memorial day. 
Dillon #3 on third base
Dillon Batting in another game
Dillon Batting again at a different game.
Then for added excitement and some spoiling of my favorite nephew Croft we went to see 2 of my niece Sunny's softball games.
Sunny Pitching

Robbie holding Croft

We have also gotten our 4-H hogs and goats for this year.  So now I have 6 hogs in my back yard along with 2 goats at Dani's house.  Now We just need to get Jimmy & Dillon's Vegetable garden planted and we will have a good start on this years 4-H projects.
The Boys market hogs in the back of the truck waiting to be unloaded

The highlight of the last 2 weeks was Robbie's graduation party.  It was June 4th  and we had a pretty good turn out.  Despite me waiting to the last minute (my sisters statement) everything came together nicely.  I managed to get most of what I wanted done in time before the party.  I didn't get all the pages done for his scrapbook that I wanted to, but the only one who missed them was me.  I will be posting the last few pages I got done, some using the CTMH flip flaps, along with his thank you notes here soon in another post.

Robbie getting ready to cut his cake

The Cake, I had originally ordered it with Red & Black Roses
But changed the order when Robbie informed me that the
cake had better not have roses on it.

The Warren Township Center Decorated for the party

The card box and 3 of his Sr pictures, I love them in Black & White
Robbie and Dani were put in charge of creating the picture display and setting up his momento's table.  They did a wonderful job, maybe a little of my creativity has rubbed off on them

This end of the table was his sports memorabilia.
It includes his baseball trophies, sports scrapbook
His Sr. wrestling Collage, his wrestling trophies& medals
and his grungy old  wrestling  head gear.

This has his picture board, his life scrapbook, only partially done
His Ag & Diesel certification, and the folder for his diploma

This area had all his and Dani's dance pictures, his 4-H trophies
along with his scholarship awards.

Here are the decorations from Robbie's party.  I was able to display my creativity in several ways from the banner I made at work showing Robbie at various stages of his life, to the table decorations.
This is the banner I created all by myself
using the graphics program and the giant vinyl printer
at Bates Metal Products  It has pictures of Robbie through out
the last 18yrs with the 2 big pictures being one of him as a baby
and the other is one of his Sr. Pictures
I will get a better picture of it later and post.
I made 16 of these in school colors with the diamond plated
frames (used silver metalic paper & cuttlebug embossing folder)
You might reconize these as the favors I made for my nephews baby shower.  They have pictures of Robbie as a child on one side and one of his Sr pictures on the other.  On my first version I tied them together with ribbon, well since Robbie isn't a Ribbon type of guy I found some twine I had in my hobby room and used that instead.  It gave them a very rustic feel I think.  These served a dual purpose, as we used these not only as table decorations, but also as our balloon anchors.  We tied our ballons onto a box them put a rock in the bottom of each one to keep them from floating away.

Close up of table decorations

In between getting Ready for Robbie's party I had to also make gifts for all the Sr. Wrestlers on the team.  I have been taking hundreds of  pictures of the boys every year since they were in 8th grade and made each of them a disk with their pictures and memorable team pictures on it.  When it came time to package the cd and create my graduation card for the boys, I combined them both and created this.  On the inside flaps there was a picture of the wrestler that we used on their Sr. Banner, and one of them wrestling, the center is my card for the boys.  The outside is black with school paper and stamped title,  I used the frame as a tuck in closure them for added strength I add a little velcro to keep them shut.

Now that Robbie's Party is over it is time to move onto the next one.  So Jimmy just to let you know You are now important. LOL

Jimmy saying don't let his brothers know he is the important one now. LOL

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