Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweetest Blog!!

I received this award from Belinda one of my Co-Team members from the Inspired Stamps Design Team.  With this award comes two provisions, the first is I have to post the above picture, the second is I have to share 7 random things about myself, then pass it on to more friends.

Here goes the 7 random things

1. I am a farm girl, grew up raising Dairy cows and rabbits, baling hay every summer, and drove a tractor long before I ever had my driver's license..

2. I have an Associates Degree in Animal Science Horse Production and Management.  I have always loved horses and wanted to be a horse trainer.  Still dream of owning a barn full of horses someday.

3. I have always been a tomboy, growing up I preferred playing football outside with the boys to playing with dolls inside.  Looking back I realize that God was just preparing me for a life with 4 son's.  When they were younger the boys thought it was pretty neat that Mom knew how to throw a football.

4. I have long naturally wavy hair that I grow out to donate to Locks of Love.  The first time I got my hair cut the hairstylist was scared to cut it as it was long enough for me to sit on it. She cut off over 16", in 2 pony tails and what was left was still a little below my shoulders.  Right now my hair is about 24" long and I will let it grow out for about another 6 months before I have it cut off again.

5. I played basketball and did high jump, shot put, and discus in track during high school.  Still love to shoot some hoops with the boys, though they beat me on a regular basis, which is not a good thing considering they are wrestlers who think basketball is a sissy sport.

6. I love animals and at one time wanted to be a vet, until I sat in on a surgery in high school and almost passed out.  Now I just love having them around, right now we have 4 dogs (3 in the house), 2 goats and 6 pigs.  The goats and pigs are the boys 4-H market projects so they are only with us for the summer.

7.  I enjoy target shooting, I have even tossed around the thought of joining the boys in the field during hunting season, just need to practice lots more before I will trust myself to go out.

Wow, that was hard.  Random things are hard to come up with especially when you are exhausted and really should be in bed.  Thanks Belinda for the award, now to find some blogs to pass it onto.

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