Friday, February 24, 2012

My Scrap Room

I have been doing some major cleaning/purging in my scrap/craft room lately so I decided to share how my Creative space looks with the rest of the world.

My craft room started out being the boys toy room. Since they have outgrown most of their toys, I have taken it over with my toys.  I have taken so many pictures of my room that I will be posting them in 2 posts.  Today's will be the outside walls, with quick glimpses of my storage, the next will be a closer look at some of the storage areas.

This first picture is looking into the room from the doorway.  If you notice the back wall is only half painted, I got most of it painted before wrestling season started and have not had time to finish it since because most weekends have been filled with wrestling tournaments.  Now that Wrestling season is over, and all 3 boys still at home are not planning on doing any spring sports I can hopefully get the last section painted. 

This is my main work area, I have all my inks, and papers within easy reach of my desk. 

You will notice most of my storage is an eclectic mix match of both handmade and old furniture repurposed, along with lots of plastic containers. My main work table is our old kitchen table, it is the perfect height and it gives me plenty of room to spread out. The side table/bookshelf next to the table was made by my ex-, to give me more work space and storage area.  The wire rack where I store my CTMH B&T paper was given to me by a friend cleaning out her scrap room (Thanks Karen). 

Below my side table is my stamp storage the white cart, and the black carts hold my bigger pictures that won't fit in the shoe boxes in the crates (one for each boy and one for our Disney trip), some miscellaneous (non Close To My Heart) papers I couldn't bear to part with, along with other odds and ends.  The tall Black cart is where I store my scraps, more on that in my next post.

Here is where I store my albums in the bottom wooden cupboard.  the wire shelf on top used to be behind the toilet in the bathroom, but we cut it down and I lined the shelves with cardboard covered in contact paper to cover the wire.  It now holds my Creative Memories cutting systems, my card basket, and various other items.  The shelf next to it is actually my catch all if I can't figure out where I want to store something I usually put it here.  It does have some of my idea books and lots of printed tutorials, along with my embroidery floss, and lots of precut borders.

These pictures are of my L-shaped workbench.  It is where I use my cricut, heat gun and other tools I don't have room for at my main work space.  I also have creatively stored my buttons in glass jars on top of the bench to add a little color to this side of the room.  I also work here when I get tired of sitting, and it is my nieces workspace when they come over to play.  Underneath is where I store all my CTMH catalogs, jewelry making supplies, tote bags, picture frames, sewing machine, and other miscellaneous items.  The small white square boxes in the first underneath picture hold my page protectors, completed pages that aren't in albums, 12x12 bags, etc.  The bigger white CTMH boxes hold all my Non-CTMH paper that I am either going to donate to the local 4-H girls or our community center.

So we are now back to the doorway and that completes today's tour, tomorrow I will be back with close ups of the way I organize some of my toys.

Thanks for Looking


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