Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Scraproom Part 2 Storage & Organization

Yesterday I gave you the quick tour of my scrap/craft room, today I am going to give you a few close ups of how I have things organized to suit me.  This system has come about with lots of rearranging thing to get them to the point I can easily use everything.  to see how I have arranged things in the past you can check out my post here.  Of course going back and looking at my previous post I realize that I have gained a lot of real estate, when my ex- moved out and left his workbenches.

This Picture from yesterday shows you my main working space.  Today I will show you close ups of the area, as I have packed a lot of stuff in this tiny area.

This is where I store all my CTMH cardstock in color familys. It is on the left hand side of my desk. This rack was discarded by my ex-s work and he brought it home to me, it is perfect to hold all my cardstock.  You will notice that all my paper is in plastic bags to protect it from dust, as we live out in the country off a dirt road and I am constantly fighting a losing battle with dust.  You also see my youngest son's dog, Jazmine who is one of my scrapping buddies. 

Hanging on the wall next to my cardstock rack is this little shelf I moved from my bathroom (after adding a coat of paint to cover the rust) to my scrap room, it holds some of my favorite punches, with my paper sampler, and rulers hanging on the bottom hooks.  Right below it is a meduim size plastic cart that holds my tool caddy, and paper cutters on top.  My Adhesives and glitter in the first drawer and the rest of my punches in the bottom 2 drawers.

This is a close up of my tool caddy, I have filled the bottom of it with rice so my tools will stand up in it, so they are easier to grab when I need them.  Below is my adhesive drawer, I have used an old silverware tray, to hold my stuff and make it easier to find what I need.  The glitter and liquid glass are in CTMH Ribbon tubes hot glued into place in the tray, this let's me store them upside down so the glitter/glue is always at the top ready to use. 

This frame was one I rescued from the trash.  The idea is one I stole from Pinterest here. It was a hideously yellow brown antiqued looking frame from which I took the equally hideous picture out of and spray painted white.  I then stapled the ribbon in place and now have a perpetual picture frame, which I us for hanging pictures I am getting ready to scrap or that I am having a rough time deciding what to do with.

This next one is of my workspace (it is clean for a change, btw it doesn't look this neat right now:-).  I have a frame easel sitting in front of me to hold my idea books if I am following one of them for my layout.  My inks are in the CTMH ink carousel, the baskets hold my sponges, and blocks.  The bulletin board is for inspiration, and any notices I have to keep in front of me. 

This rack is strictly an inspirational item it holds a picture of my biggest inspirations My Boys, and a vase with handmade flowers in it.  This rack is another trash rescue, it had originally been in my bathroom, and I actually had it in the trash pile when inspiration hit and spray paint came to the rescue and it was given new life. 

This is the Wall I face, it has a dollar store wall cling that says with "God all things are possible", and lots of Butterflies.  You will also notice the "glittery Glare" that is from Prisma glitter I blew onto the wall when it was still wet, to add a touch of glitter to "MY" room. (the boys were ready to commit me when they saw me putting glitter on the walls :-)

This area is the messiest part of my table.  It is actually part of the side table shelves my ex built for me, this is the desk level shelf and I store my CTMH How To Books here along with my alphabet stamps, more blocks, some of my embellishments, retired inks, the current box of pictures I am scrapping, etc.  The wire rack is where I throw the paperpacks I am using to keep them out of my way while I work, yet they are still near by so I can easily get more paper out if needed.

On the right side of the desk I have all my CTMH B&T's, Current and Retired on this wire rack along with some of my school and special themed papers.  In organizing this rack I came to the conclusion that I am a major paper hoarder.  I have over 40 different CTMH paper packs, not counting the other misc papers I have stashed on this shelf and in the plastic drawers below.

Here is where I store all my cardstock scraps.  I have them separated by color family and it is always where I go first when I need a small piece of something.  To label these I broke out my long neglected stickers and used them to label the drawers.

This is my 4x6 photo storage, I have a box for each boy and then one for Family group pages.  There are 4 boxes here and the 5th one is beside my table, since I am always working on scrapbook pages.  I only have 19 years to catch up on.  The pictures are sorted by page or event in envelopes in the boxes with pieces of cardstock cut to size and labeled with the year. (will have to remember to do another post on my photo organization)

Along with the shoebox I also have 5, 13x13 boxes that hold all the stuff that is too big to fit into a plastic shoebox.  Things such as the boys artwork, sports pictures, certificates, etc.  These are stored in the black plastic drawers below the side table.

These are my stamp storage, the little 3 drawer plastic tower is full of Close To My Heart Stamps, and the top drawer of the large tower is full of stamps also. Plus I have a crate sitting on my table full of Alphabet stamps.  I think I have a stamp problem too!!!!! 

I have hot glued foam dividers into the plastic drawers, to make it easier to keep the stamps sets in rows.  Also any of my stamp sets that are not CTMH are put into the plastic envelopes that CTMH sells and stored in the smaller center space.

The next two drawers are full of my ribbon. Yes I know I have way to much, but it has been thinned down. My Ribbon used to fill up this entire 3 drawer strage system along with another smaller drawer and a shoe box, and I couldn't find anything. My Sister in Law gave me two big boxes of ribbon awhile back to play with, and for awhile I kept all of it thinking I would use it.  It just sat there and took up space with me using only a very little, so I went through it and kept only the ones I loved or thought I would use up. 

Now all the Ribbon is sorted by color, and displayed so I can easily see what ribbon I have and selecting the ribbon is much easier, plus I am not buying any more doubles of ribbon, thinking I was out.  I also think I shouldn't need any more Red ribbon for a very long time. LOL  These drawers are also divided by foam board hot glued into place in the drawers.

Next we move over to my work benches here is where I have my Cricut, and Cartridges.  Though since getting the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge I have not really used the rest much.  I had had the Cricut on my main workspace but found it was taking up too much space.  Now with it on the benches it forces me to get out of my chair and move around a little, and it actually is helping me keep from getting to stiff from sitting for long periods.  You can't see it but all my mats are hanging on a hook in the pegboard which makes it quick & easy to get them when needed.  When it was on my main work table I was constantly losing my mats under piles of stuff.

Finally we are on to my button's I love using them as embellishments, they are cute enough to use on girl pages yet they aren't too girly that I can't use them on all my boy pages.  I keep most of my embellies near me so I can use them, but I saw another  scraproom where they had all their buttons in jars, and I loved the look.  So my button's aren't only a tool they also serve as a decoration to my room.

Right above my buttons is this bulletin board that I made folowing an idea on Pinterest here.  This was an old worn out, cork bulletin board that the cork board part was starting to fall apart from use, and the frame had once been covered with contact paper to cover the ugly brown frame.  I cut out the cork, recovered it with batting and fabric, then slowly added my ribbon.  I then spray painted the frame and put it all together.  Violla another piece of trash given new life.  I use this as another staging area for pictures I just haven't figured out how I wanted to scrap.

Lastly, a tour of my scrap room would not be complete without pictures of my scrappin buddies.  Jazmine (Jazzy for short) and Sadie Sue.  These are my son's dogs but they love to come in and bug me when I am working.  Sadie even jumps up and warms my legs while I work.

Sadie Sue

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my scrap room.  Now that you have all seen it, it is time for me to go in and mess it up.  PLAY TIME!!!!



  1. I really enjoyed this tour of your scrap room. You gave lots of good tips along the way. I especially like how you put rice in the bottom of your tool tote to hold things up. You are one very clever girl! :-)

  2. Jenn, had to giggle at what you said about not using any other cartridges than Art Philosophy... Same, same. :) it's the absolutely BEST ever cartridge, I can't seem to get enough of it! Sooo many options.. A must have.