Monday, March 12, 2012

Art Journal Week #2

For my Art Journal this week, I used Deuteronomy 31:8 .  In times of trouble it is very hard to remember that God goes before us.  Since I have had a year of trouble, divorce and financial, this scripture really hits home.  

This weeks journal isn't that impressive or as nice as I wanted it, but when your son tells you, he is going to a weekend wrestling tournament, at the last minute, you are usually rushed.  I had to get my art journal done rather quickly, with no time to redo if I made a mistake.  

The joy of art journaling is anything goes, there is no correct way or proper medium which you have to use.  So for today's post I painted my background using Create a Shade Pearl paint and Smoothie reinker from CTMH.  The pearl paint gives the page a nice soft shimmer, then I just started experimenting, I took white glue and drew my flowers on the page, then dropped Heavenly Blue reinker onto the glue and used a paint brush to mix in the colors, this gave my flowers a watery look.  While i was mixing the glue, I realized that I was loosing my glue outline so out came my stardust and Gunmetal stickles to trace the outline.  I used the gunmetal only because I had run out of stardust on the first flower.  I them let this all dry over night and the next day I added my scripture Deuteronomy 31:8  using Staz-On Jet Black ink, and my journaling using a black marker.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I had to use my phone camera because the batteries were dead on my regular camera.


  1. Love the scripture you have shared, Jenn. Wish I could see your page in real life, I think it looks cool. Have a lovely day!!

  2. Jenn, it is hard for us to remember with our hearts these scriptures when we are going through difficult times. Our head remembers, but does not always apply it to our heart. I am sure the flowers are stunning with the light hitting them. Have a great day!

  3. Beautiful, Jenn. I love this art journaling entry and how it reminds us to trust in him. <3

  4. Beautiful! I love seeing your creations.

    1. Jenn,
      I love your journaling your heart in these pages! You really demonstrate what Christian Art Journaling is all about. And I have to tell you how much I love that you mark out words and add words! It's so true to journaling! Beautifully done and beautifully said!