Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Congratulations Arizona and Nadine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you all know my I was helping my nieces ARizona and Nadine with their
4-H scrapbooking project. Yesterday was judging and both girls did very well. Nadine got a 91 (Silver) on her project and Arizona received a 99 (Gold) and second place in the county at the Jr. (ages 9-13) Level. The girls were facing some very stiff competition in their age group. The other judges were very impressed with both girls albums, and their knowledge. I was helping judge the class as we had over 40 participants to judge, though I didn't judge either of my nieces. I was impressed by how great alot of our younger participants albums looked. The younger groups albums were better than several of the older participants, guess you are never to young to learn scrapbooking. I was also impressed at amount of interest in the project, we even had a 14 year old boy take the project. I would love it if one of my boys took the project next year.

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