Monday, July 12, 2010

Dillon's Own Layout

My 11yo son has been watching me and my nieces work on their scrapbooking projects for 4-H, and has once again decided that scrapbooking could be fun.  Today while I was helping the girls Dillon came in and begged to make his own layout.  So after the girls left, I let him pick out pictures and paper for his layout.  He decided to do a Layout of his Dog Jazmine.  Of course him being a country boy he dug into my stash of Camo paper.  He then decided that he needed Orange mats for the pictures, he used my limited supply of Close To My Heart Orange cause "it Looked like Hunter Orange" according to him.  Dillon Cropped all his pictures by himself, he also cut the mats, and applied adhesive to the pictures.  He had me put the pictures on the mats because he couldn't get them to center right. The Title is a sticker I had in my stash, though I stamped the heart from A Love in Holiday Red on the Colonial White Cardstock before we laid the sticker down.  Dillon then decided he wanted the Heart on each end of the piece with Jazzy's full name on it.  The name is stamped in Ponderosa Pine using Giggle Caps and Giggle Lowercase.  The Pick of the Litter and Too Cute are more from my stash. We stamped the Hearts on the Cardstock in Holiday Red before we put the Stickers on.  I had to laugh though, we had the Layout all ready to stick down when all of a sudden Dillon goes "Wait, I need to put a box with writing about Jazzy on the layout."  I laughed because he has heard me constantly reminding the girls that they need to journal on their layouts, and it is something they are constantly trying to avoid.  And here is my 11yo son insisting we put on the Journal Box.  So I gave him a sheet of paper and told him to practice writing what he wanted to say.  As he is trying to think of all he wants to write and I am reminding him that he needs to write it really neat, he asks me if he can do it on the computer.   I of course said yes and he ran into my computer and typed up the journaling, he even chose a cool looking font for the Journaling Title, and he chose the orange color for the type. 

Here is his completed Layout

Left Side

Right Side

     As much as I enjoy helping my nieces work on their scrapbooks, It is definately more fun when one of My Boys decides that he needs to create with Mom.

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