Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Face

My Nieces Nadine and Arizona both are taking scrapbooking in 4-H and I have the privelege of helping them use their pictures to create their own scrapbooks.  The girls and I have gone through their pictures and selected several to include in their album.

Today Nadine (age 10) and I got to work on her scrapbook while Arizona worked on her sewing project.  She had picked out a couple of pictures of herself at 18 months old and I turned her loose in my scrapbook room letting her pick out her own paper to scrap the photos.  When I can in to help her she had her paper laid with the pictures in the basic design she wanted.  She even knew what title she wanted to use.   I then taught her how to use the paper cutter to cut her paper, and how to stamp, cut out and mat her Title.  I am very proud of the Layout she produced.  I helped only in teaching her how to use the tools, and gave her a few creative pointers, in how to make the Layout better, and helped with the cutting of a couple of the letters..  She has scrapped with me before but this was her first venture with cutting her own paper and stamping it herself.  I think she did an awesome job, can't wait to see what her completed scrapbook looks like.

 Materials Used:
Tickled Pink B&T's
Blush and Crystal Blue Textured Cardstock
White Daisy Cardstock
Twilight ink
Hollyhock ink
Posterboard alphabet
Felicity alphabet
Blush Marker

Stay tuned for more pictures of Arizona's and Nadine's Pages.

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